Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why is the left so afraid of Sarah Palin?

Have you ever seen so much hatred for, and vitriolic criticism of, someone who had only a brief stint on the national political stage? More than a year after the presidential election in which Sarah Palin, as the GOP nominee for Vice-President, campaigned for about 3 months, she is still being pilloried by the leftwing loons as though she had been elected and was now actively engaged in dismantling the liberal establishment. he liberal
Isn't it great how one woman totally unheard of until last year can scare so many politicians ?
Any person who is a symbol of real conservatism in the US who can speak to the average citizen, get them interested in what's going on in the government and arouse their wrath at being damaged by that government must be targeted by the leftoids. If the base of America unites they are out of power.
The Left's preoccupation with Palin is laughable with their affirmative action President screwing up daily by the NUMBERS. The leftist trash and the propagandists hate Sarah Palin because she is EVERYTHING Obama is not. And Obama is not a lot of things, like patriotic, just to start the list.
It’s all those brain dead leftist geniuses who continue to be puzzled, perplexed and totally bewildered as to why Sarah Palin “quit” “quit” “quit” the governorship of Alaska. (They love that word.) The truth is she explained fully and openly all the reasons why she “quit” her office. She did so that very day in her speech on the beach which was completely, incessantly and eventually covered by all the media known to man, woman and child. None of her reasons were selfish. All were altruistic. But, the aforementioned geniuses have never, so they say, been able to grasp what is as obvious as the lies and distortions that emanate from their word processing keyboards. Which is why she’s been wisely bypassing the geniuses ever since. Sarah Palin is no lightweight. She’s smart and she continues to outwit the nitwits in the media who have grown to fear her. Why else would they put in so much time and effort to destroy her? In short, Sarah Palin is genuine.
For liberals, these are the three most terrifying words in the English language...

President Sarah Palin

That's why they fear and hate her.


  1. Very well put! I worry somewhat that Palin will put her horsepower behind a GOP that is in a disorganized state right now. Unless Steele listens to Palin and establishes a clear direction for the republicans ... to include courting the grass-roots conservatives, I'd rather see Palin actually go rogue and support the new American Conservative Party. The media has the GOP on the ropes right now, and Michael Steele has not shown conservatives that he can push the media back. In short, I wanna know just how "rogue" Sarah actually wants to be!