Friday, November 20, 2009

Holder’s True Motive (KSM will put the CIA and the Bush Administration on trial)

Holder says he’ll be found guilty. Isn’t that a perversion of our jurisprudence? If a not-guilty verdict is impossible, then the trial is a sham.

We need to put the pressure on Washington at all levels to roll back this horrible decision. It would be the right thing for the country and a major setback for the failure that is Obama.


  1. Mal -- one word. MISTRIAL
    Thanks for the read.sharky

  2. This is the only possible reason I can think of.

  3. Please forgive me Mal but I missed about 20% of wants been going on the past few weeks..., But I've been involved in the worst crapola in the world, urology, wherein doctors do unspeakable things to unmentionables leaving you with a bladder with the capacity of a peanut and a need to be no more than 10 steps from the bathroom.

    But no matter, that's done before I had to kowtow to ObamaCare Gods -- I surely hope that next year does not bring the smug self-satisfied bureaucrats like that woman who snooped Joe the Plumber. Imagine 1000's of her, across the nation, judging your healthcare.

    I have heard that Obama is 6'2". Now that he's 20% gone, permit me to giggle at him when he's 4'11.2". Soon even Robert Reich will kick sand in his face. That's more or less what 20% gone means.

    It also means that Teh One has hosed Honduras, Taiwan, Tibet, Israel, Poland. Bowed to the Emperor of Japan, jogged up the Great Wall -- "Gee , good thing I didn't have to lug those cameras" -- winked at Georgia and Putin. True, those Chicago Olympics are history, but frankly, Michelle and Teh One really want to go to Rio anyways. And did anyone notice that his bag man Holder has decided to try terrorists in Hymietown while Teh One was 5000 miles away? I know, let's do a Chinese kiddie TV show.

    Couldn't save Corzine though. Shucks he must have been just as bad as that guy in Virginia. And what's with those machines in NY-23? They were supposed to be fixed good, right?
    I also read the crapola that has been going on over at the leftloons blogs, it now seems that they are accusing you of being deceptive and using other people's identities. Another leftie change the subject and attack the messenger tactic. You and I go back for years on the Hannity forum. So I know who you are and where you come from and that you are the real thing.
    We've survived, we're more alive than before, we're talking, talking, writing and blogging every day, we know more about our own crapweasles than before, Sarah's on tour, goddam I'll drink to that! Salud! Cheers! Sarah!
    Take care I'll be back soon.


  4. Good to hear from you Noose, stay well...