Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Czar Down, Many More To Go.

Throughout the history of America wet have been fighting against the Communist ideology within our own government for a long time, yet we continue to allow Communist, now called Liberals, to destroy the huge segments of our economic progress. they control local urban governments and look at the complete economic disaster urban areas living conditions represent. Consider their control over education, and its impact on K through 12 student performance. Look at the disaster that the US Congress is about to foist on us. They have been running a poncy scheme called Social Security for years and it is insolvent. They control medicare and it is insolvent, They control our budget and we are now insolvent. When are you guys going to finally say enough is enough and outlaw these criminals from our country. don’t you understand they are our enemies. They are not Americans. Why because they do not believe in the principles nor the laws of our Constitution which restrict them imposing centralized control. What do you think government healthcare is? It is totalitarianism. It is like bank robbers are trying to gain control not only the money but how and when you can spend your own money. Socialism is tyranny. Barack Obama and his “czars” are fascist totalitarianism pretending to be Liberals. They are not. They are just stupid Communist. As for Jones, I say good riddance. If I had my way the entire Democrat Party would be arrested tomorrow. They don’t fool me. I would ship the lot of them to Cuba where they belong. But it looks as if the “sleeping giant” called American is finally waking up. We have already started, we have fighting people that won’t give up such as Glenn Beck who can be credited for getting rid of the Commie bastard that was put into OUR White House Van Jones! Gratefully he and the likes of him have bit the dust. N0bamessiah’s Communist brother is gone.
Good job Glenn Beck. Now Jones can go back to organizing street thugs.
I’ve seen, and everyone with a brain has seen idiots like Van Jones before, only they were disguised as a Reverend, or an Attorney General. So there is still much more to undo. Like the parasite goon squads known as ACORN.


  1. You have the same passion as I do. Last night I cried because the HC bill is one step closer to blooming. I believe, and I think I'll write about this on my blog, but I believe Obama and his gang of outlaws and haters have been sitting on their haunches waiting for the HC bill to pass. I believe that's what all the delays have been about. You watch, as soon as it's passed everything will hit the fan at once. Amnesty for illegals will no doubt be first on his list of nasties to do, if not first, close behind. Soon after the complete take over of the free press and the internet. Not that there's a free press in this country, but there is some, still.

    Anyway, thought I'd throw in my two cents worth.

  2. Thank you Liz, I wrote to both of my pansy Senators yesterday and I got a blankety automated response.
    So we will see.

  3. "Barack Obama and his “czars” are fascist totalitarianism pretending to be Liberals."

    I don't think they are 'pretending' at all.
    Every word or action that comes from this 'administration' and congress smacks of statism which is tyrannical. They do it right in the open with no attempt to hide it.

    2010 can not come soon enough. Any turncoat/RINO must be defeated and a conservative patriot put in place to stop any further damage, and yes, further damage can be leveled against us if we do not act.

  4. Both Elizabeth and you have the same passion as I do. This health care bill is tyranny being thrust upon the people. All the Democrats care about is more power and control. This bill has absolutely nothing to do with our health care. I wish that we could arrest all the Democrats, also. Or, send them away to an island without any food to fend for themselves. This President and congress makes me sick. It just hurts me so, how they don't give a rats a$$ about the American people. They are supposed to be serving us, and not vise versa.

  5. I love the idea of arresting them all and shipping them off to Cuba (or Iran or Venezuela, anywhere they'd be comfortable and can finally be "proud" of their country). I wish wish wish that we could impeach BO before he does any more damage. 2012 seems a long way off at this point.

  6. Have faith Fuzzy, and don't give up your hope for change...LOL

  7. I came over this morning to suggest you post your comment to me as a blog post. I see you did. I am so worried about where this is taking us. As an older woman, I remember my father belonging to the Radical Organization called John Birch Society. He taught all of his children then what was going to happen. It is happening now. It is going to take strong principled people and God to turn this around. I hope that when push comes to shove, our military will know which way to aim. I worry that because he is the Commander in Chief the military will be used against us. It is my greatest prayer that they too turn with us against the government.
    There is another blogger The Oklahoma Patriot who is calling on states to exercise their Right of Nullification. It may come to this also. I am praying there are States who are not so deep in Big Governments pockets that they have the guts to do so.
    Glenn Beck is the one Commentator who seems willing to do more than sit behind his mike and actually lead the charge. I worry that he will be the first person they shut up and down. Rush and Sean both have much to say, but it is Glenn that I am seeing the action from. I am even seeing some blogs calling for a Glenn Beck Sarah Palin ticket in 2012.
    Be ready Americans, the time is coming to restore America to her original glory!!

  8. Hey, thanks for comments on my blog. You asked why I admired Jesse Jackson once. Well, I was once young. That was during someone's presidential campaign, must have been a Democrat back when they didn't seem so inane. I heard him speak at the convention. He impressed me. Besides my best friend was Black and I was impressionable. Nothing impresses me about him now. He has damaged everything he puts his hands on and he so full of hate. He makes my blood boil. All the malcontents do because they can't be happy unless they are ruining everything for everyone else and calling them vile names.

    God bless you

  9. While I agree with most all of your rational points MAL, I do not believe that everyone who disagrees with me is necessarily Un-American.

    There are, and always have been, liberals who love their country and respect it's laws and heritage. I know because 30 years ago I was one of them. For some it just takes longer to see the light. Some never do. But it does not necessarily mean they are communists.

    Our founding fathers themselves would disagree violently with much of the modern day left. But they would have defended to the death the right to hold their opinions.

    That is after all, what liberty and freedom of thought and speech is all about, is it not?

    Obama is, in my opinion, dangerous and a statist of the socialist mold. He was however elected democratically by a majority of our nation who chose to vote. It is now up to us to work to select and then elect a candidate who can defeat him in 2012.

    Lets start by defeating his ;arty in 2010.

  10. wow I found your site!..kept gettin your myspace page...KEEP UP THE FIGHT!!...we need ya!

  11. Thanks for the visit WHY, come back again and often, I dig your blog as well.

  12. Consider their control over education, and its impact on K through 12 student performance.

    One reason I left the public education system!

    Over the years in private education, I saw government intrusion there as well. Furthermore, as we tried to hire more teachers, we found that they'd been poisoned by the public education system and didn't give a hoot about authority and following the curriculum so carefully chosen by the administration.

    I now work with homeschoolers. The money isn't great, but I'm doing real teaching.

  13. Rational Nation USA said...

    While I agree with most all of your rational points MAL, I do not believe that everyone who disagrees with me is necessarily Un-American.

    But I didn't say EVERYBODY, I was referring to a particular group.

    Thanks for a very good comment.

  14. Why do we have to ship all the liberals to Cuba? Can't we just shoot them, and save the travel agent expenses?

    NOTE to Gramma 2 Many: Yes, The John Birch Society seemed radical to many way back when, just like Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Looking back from where we stand today, just how radical are those guys now?

  15. Great post Malcontent. You really came through loud and clear with no double talk or PC bulls**t. That's the way I like it. I see yours is a young blog and I wish you well. We need more like you. See you might be in Baton Rouge, I live in Mississippi now, but just up the road near Liberty. Some 60 miles north. I am an old Louisiana boy and a big LSU Tiger fan "geaux tigers". I linking to you on my primary blog at TOTUS.