Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Loonies on the Left absolutely can't tolerate conservatives. They would cearly love to remove Rush Limbaugh from the air via the "Fairness Doctrine." It enrages them that Sarah Palin’s book and Glenn Beck’s book and Michelle Malkin's book, on the heels of Mark Levin's book, is now the top seller in the country. So no surprise they are now gloating about the heat the Obama administration is getting over the headlines in the news of the past few weeks. And it’s not only because that he lacks a brain. The real problem is ... he is totally clueless! First the lack of a decision on sending more troops to Afghanistan, while more of our soldiers are dying every day because this arrogant Muslim sympathizer won't make up his mind.
EITHER GIVE THE GENERAL WHAT HE ASKED FOR, OR GET OUR TROOPS THE HELL OUT! He says that he is carefully evaluating the situation! He is an idiot. Even Democrats are wondering about his sanity. He will be lucky not to be impeached for aiding the enemy.
As for the time he is taking to make a decision on the number of troops that are required to assure a victory in Afghanistan, How would this ignorant imbecile know ? He don't have a clue . He is too worried about not PO' ing his Islamic friends , RE; .. Let's not jump to conclusions or rush to judgement about Major hassan in the matter of the fort hood "Tragedy" . He does not have the guts to admit exactly what it really is . It is the first (large) incident of ISLAMIC terrorism on American soil since the 911 incident , and it happened on HIS watch. Yes on HIS watch, did you hear that all you Blame Bush’s!
Followed by the shooting by a fellow Muslim at Foot Hood and now the clincher of it all. The stupidity to try accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other terrorists in New York City. How freaken dumb can you be? Or is he dumb? And is this trial all about George Bush and America it self!
The one good thing about this insanity is that Obama already lost his re election regardless. He destroyed industry, small business, health care. jobs are all time high and rising national debt is incomprehensive. This administration has made our nation vulnerable to attacks by bowing and apologizing to the whole world and refusing to call the largest Terror Attack on US soil since 9/11 just that. There is no way he will get re elected he can not lead he is clueless about national and international affairs. The great news is that there is approximately 1150 or less days until real Hope and Change comes to America, and Mr. Bubble Ears is outta here.


  1. The part that gives me as sour feeling in the pit of my stomach is that many of the "changes" Obama requires in his agenda, the worst being healthcare, are irreversible. NEVER have Americans given up an entitlement program once started. Perhaps that it is not implemented until 2014 would give some window of opportunity to reverse it, but I am worried. Also, Obama stated EARLY ON that he didn't care if he were a one term pres as long as his agenda gets implemented. Sounds almost like Soros talking. The Statists will never have a better opportunity to put forth their agenda than they have right now and they know it. They are going balls to the wall to ram it down our throats. We are at war. With our own representatives.

  2. Good point Opus, And YES! he will be a ONE TERM president.

  3. The Marxist and Soros based groups have infiltrated to the very core of our society. Vigilence is needed just to begin the weeding out. With the installation of Appeals Court leftists (and this guy Hamilton will be the next affirmative action judge on the Supreme court) they will have control or at least a judicial trump card hanging over us for years to come. With Crap and Tax and UN sanctions hanging over our heads, BO wishes to create the perfect storm--The Cloward Pivin Strategy. All he needs is another real good crisis to "not go to waste." Where are we then? Who is John Galt?

  4. Obama is a sorry example of someone pretending to be a leader.

    While Obama did not start the economic situation we find ourselves in, he is responsible for accelerating it at about 3 1/2 time the rate per month as relates to the deficit.

    Both Bush and Obama are statist. In fact we as a nation have been on that course essentially since TR. The size and scope of government has been on the growth trajectory for a long time. Both in Democratic Administration and Republican.

    That said I believe you are dead right with respect to Obama's Muslim sympathies. And with respect to mt Hood and is don't rush to judgement. Well he is about as clueless over this as he is over thew Afghanistan situation. How lomg has be been dithering while our troops are in harms way, 15, 16 weeks? Damn, even a middle level manager in a successful company could make a decision given the General on the ground recommendations. I am not so sure we should even be in Afghanistan at this point. But as you so aptly put it, either give the general the requested troops or get the hell out.

    With all of Bush's faults when incomes to the economy, immigration reform, tying religion closer to government etc. I at least felt a hell of a lot safer when he was in office.

  5. I believe Obama is a single-termer. The voter-remorse we have already seen tells me that. It is something Opus said that I believe really worries us all ... "irreversible".

    We have to limit the damage this guy can do while he's here ... we need to pay special attention to the things he can do that stick. Healthcare entitlements, like Opus said ... is a BIG one. It is a rabbit hole we don't want to venture down. Regardless who replaces Obama, we won't be able to turn around once we enter it, so we must not allow the present legislation to pass. Obama will come and go the same way Carter did.