Tuesday, November 24, 2009

American's Never Give Up. We are Waking Up!

We have all shed so many tears over the last few weeks, we shed teats for those in Fort Hood who gave their lives and those who have been wounded from a lousy miserable Muslim Terrorist And we have also remembered those on Veterans Day who served our country throughout the years so bravely and valiantly . I and many you are so very proud of the service men and women who have given of themselves and for their families. Having grown up with a father who serviced for most of my childhood I personally know it is not an easy life.

It has been said before and it bears repeating: Freedom is not free; we must thank those who have in the past and now fight for our freedom. God bless them and keep them from harm's way. Support our troops and pray for them.
Just like the above picture, we must fight for our freedoms.

The closer the Democratic Congress' radical health package gets to enactment, the less popular it becomes. The American people smell a rat. The Democrats' health care revolution, which right now looks like it will include a government-run option that could cripple the health insurance industry, is sinking in approval. The newest Rasmussen poll finds public support down to 38% — falling for the first time below 41%. What an ego this Chicago thug has. He’s losing the public and he’s getting. desperate!
But Mr. Bubble Ears says, I don’t want discussion distension or other people talking –
I don’t want to hear ANY opposing views. I want this bill to pass at all costs. So shut up and sit down. Harry, pass out the bribes. Just another example of the arrogance exhibited by the “Messiah”. When Reid and Pelosi and her gang can bribe Landrieu for her vote, and the whole lot of them will get to retire on annual six-figure taxpayer pensions regardless of whether they are voted out or not in 2010, something is wrong.
But guess what, you will not silence the freedom & liberty loving AMERICANS. We have heard and we have had enough! WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK.
We will NOT bow down to you. We will NOT let your goons run us out of town. We will NOT shut our mouths so you can take our country and freedoms away.
NO, I THINK NOT! We will fight and we will win this war. You have awakened the silent and hard working people of this country.
This is a rally call to all those on the sidelines. Wake up now! This is a turning point in the history of our country. Do not let this man and those that have taken up arms against us win the battle of America.
We need to revolt! They can't throw us all in jail. We can not be afraid of them. We need to fight for our freedoms, we can not sit back and just watch this happen.
And we have to
throw Michael Steele out and get a fighter to head the party.
May God help us defeat this bill, get rid of these awful people who are trying to ram legislature we don't want down our throats, and put our country back on the right path.

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