Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Comment I made on another blog..

In Answer To Someone That Said Van Jones Was "Swift-Boated"

"Van Jones was swiftboated."
He "swiftboated" himself.

What a Joke that is!
Swift Boating" is the new leftist nickname for having the truth come out about somebody....
As soon as Obama and the rest of the the Democrats began to see Jones as a liability instead of an asset, he was toast. Never mind that none of the ad hominem attacks had no bearing on his ability to do the job; never mind that he literally wrote the book on green jobs as a way to kill two birds with one stone.
Barack Obama knew in advance about the radical background of Van Jones before appointing him as his "green jobs czar." So where is this "Swift Boating" charge coming from?

Are YOU kidding? Van Jones is a communist, plain and simple!!! Van Jones did call Republicans "assholes" in a public forum and he even admitted it. You want to bl;ame Glenn beck for that also? If so yes, Glenn Beck ultimately DESTROYED Van Jones political career. That's good, because we don't need self proclaimed communists, felons, and racists in the government. Bottom line: Van Jones needed to GO, so Glenn Beck paved the way! So if you want to twist and spin it, so be it...Van Jones was an embarrassment to every real American. He should never have gotten into the federal government, let alone into the White House in the first place. This opens up a huge number of questions for me. Did Team Obama even bother to vet this guy? If they did vet this idiot and not find this? If so, I have serious questions concerning their ability to examine the people they are looking at.
That says as much about our president as it does about Jones that he was given a job. Glenn Beck did our country a service. Good Bye and Good Riddance and Thank you Glenn Beck, for digging up all of this. It is not enough that the jackass has resigned, but now we have people like Authurstone and the Rat pack of Libs defending this dangerous idiot by saying he was “Swift-boated” But if the Obamawacks want to play communist mad scientist with million lives of Americans, I say, keep talking, we need all the help you can give us. Maybe his Komrade Obama will follow suit? If we get real lucky?


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  1. That was my comment you are addressing. It was clumsily worded in response to a leftist commenter.

    What I was attempting to say was that Van Jones was not victimized by a supposed smear campaign ("Swift boating").

    He did it to himself. He has no one to blame but himself for his career problems. For his serious mistakes, the worst of which involved joining a Maoist hate group.

    I am no fan of Beck, especially since he called for the murder of other political commentators, and has recently drawn the ire of the nation's premier watchdog on antisemitism. But there were plenty of others raising the alarm that this maniacal kook Van Jones was in government.


    Also, I apologize for getting carried away with the bowing comments (Tuscany insults, etc). If this is the correct Malcontent.

    Peace to you.