Tuesday, November 17, 2009


In the short period of less than 300 days, Obama has added more to the deficit than George Bush did in 8 years. He's going to take your money, give it to lazy pieces of shit .(Spreading the Wealth). Lets give these same lazy aholes health insurance too (You and I also to pay for). The stock market continues to decline, now 32% since Obama was sworn in. Continue to let illegals enter the country and do nothing about. Oh wait a minute. Now Obama wants to give them not only tax benefits when they don't pay taxes, but social security benefits too. What were you idiots that voted for him thinking? I don't hear much from you now. No surprise here. Obama, tap your idiot friends like Sean Penn and Oprah, re-distribute their wealth, not mine.
Obama is the current president and he must stop campaigning and start leading. He needs to stop blaming the Bush administration for everything that he screws up..

He must focus on the banking crisis and stop diverting our attention and trillions of OUR money to pet pork projects and his obvious obsession with Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck.
I do find it very intriguing that he has an obsession with Rush Limbaugh! That is hilarious. What is he afraid of? While I don't always agree with Rush and consider him an entertainer at times, I do agree w/Rush that Obama is not doing well in instilling confidence in the American people. Barry is all of the sudden preaching gloom and doom...where is the hope he had a few short months ago? His message is doing a lot of damage (look at the markets!) and I think he realizes his mistake and lashes at Rush for being correct on ths one.

The great leader isn't leading. He is a pawn of the dem party, playing their game, getting sucked into it instead of bringing the change he had promised. What a huge disappointement for those who had high hopes
Eventually the taxpayers' ability to pay for these projects will dry up. There will be no more money for the government.

He, his administration, and Congress act and our markets react.

He attacks corporations, he attacks those who've worked hard to accumulate wealth for their families (good for them!), he attacks the banking industry, he attacks taxpayers by raising taxes.
Folks, I sincerely fear we are at a cross road. The America you & I grew up in versus a socialist hand-out (not hand up) big brother owned society. Is it really time for true American rooted philosophies to be laid down forever? We have allowed our root values to be chipped away at since the 70's really. Religion, life, welfare, education, security and even death-taxing. I am a typical American, second generation immigrant background, raised as a blue collar democrat, forced to go to a catholic school (grin), a boy scout, a war veteran, a GI Bill college education, a home owner, father of two.... I passed through many things here and not realizing what divine gifts they were.

My children will never see the America I saw it. Then again maybe they never did. I recall my son saying, if you spank me, my teacher said I should call the police. I laughed that comment off. Boy my dad would have shown him a different response that I did. But thinking clearly now, his response was yet an example of a different indoctrination in life then I had. Today we have allowed a box to be placed on a cross to cover it up in California (google that). Chipping away yet one more root value. Today illegal alien means free medical, in state college tuition, voting and constitutional rights. Another chipping away at common American sense.
Sometimes I feel so alone. I can't believe who we have as president of this nation. Am I the only one who sees us as the USSA? Obama is a disaster, and it will be too late very soon here if people do not wake up! I feel sorry for my children and grandchildren. For those who worried about the debt before, this idiot was elected in, look at it now! The people, who for the most part, are educated and pay into the system are being punished. If the stock market is just a "political tracking pole" as Obama stated, then I say he is a giant FAILURE...

Why should we, the people who gave up money and time from our lives and family to get an education provide for those who did not! This is America.
Now we have Obama, Pelosi and Reid pretty much controlling which direction this country will continue in. Oh yeah, lets use the fairness doctrine to block opposing views to socialism. Lets blame Bush for everything too... that had a ring to it. Wait a minute, Obama will change things. Is this the change you thought it would be?

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