Monday, November 23, 2009


Mr. Liberal, will you still be laughing when your premature child is ruled not viable by the Government in order to save $ as they do in the UK? unlike the US right now.

will you still be laughing when the Government tells you that the lifesaving drugs you need cost too much $ as they do in” enlightened”countries?

will you still be laughing when your mom, dad, brother or sister dies waiting for necessary surgery? As happened to a friend 34 yr.old guy easy heart fix died waiting in Canada. .Widow and children left.

will you still be laughing when the gov. takes more&more and there is no way out . YOU LOSE!

The senators who are about to go against their constituents wishes and vote for this bill will be bribed not only with the publicly discoverable money to their states, but will be bribed with God knows what else.

Does anyone actually think that they would give up a senate seat for less that vast riches and positions of power for themselves personally? Does anyone think that forces like Soros and internationalists who would profit personally to unimaginable depths by destroying our currency would hesitate to pony up hundreds of millions or more in bribe money for a handful of sleazy corruptible pols?

Now that the criminals are in place from the top down in our government, there is unlimited opportunity for graft and no fear and therfore no resistance to taking the blood money.

These traitorous pols are not uninformed and know these pieces of legislation will destroy America and will take them down our in the coming election. They know the consequences, they just know the payoff will be worth it for them and their families, forever. Our precious country is being sold for pieces of silver and don't ever forget it.

Character Matters!
Sad but true. Our leaders don't have character because those that elect them have no character and our leaders can't develop character in the country because they don't have any character and they don't have character because those who elect them have no character..


  1. So what are you sayin'? They don't have character?

  2. When Harry Reid, who drafted the Healthcare bill, pays Sen Mary Landrieu, 300 Million dollars for her vote That my friend is NOT character .

    Shall I go on?

  3. Armed and ready -- that's what it will take.

  4. Cactus Mark said...
    Armed and ready -- that's what it will take.

    See that Shaw, we have a soldier in my corner already.

  5. great rant...errrr.."post" don't hold your breath for irrational beings aka LIBs to wake up to reality anytime soon bro!!:)

  6. The libs don't need to wake up, as long as conservatives and mainstream Americans continue to do so.

    That's the beauty of this: Libs, including these delusional politicians, are so high on hopium they don't even realize they are hanging themselves.

    The Great Liberal Crash of 2010 will not be the result of a nefarious Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. No, like the coyote after the roadrunner, their Acme mail order climate change and health care kit will blow in their faces.

  7. I know that posting/ writing is very therapeutic-- I do the same. Thank you for checking out my own: TOM'S JOURNAL, that also exposes obama's wicked ways of destroying our once great country.

    Tom S
    Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70
    Jesus is Lord.