Friday, November 20, 2009

The Chicago Way. It's the only language the thugs in the administration understand.

Comrade Obama and Holder want to try CIA agents in ex-post-facto Stalinist type show trials for waterboarding terrorists and protecting our country.
Get ready Holder,Obama is ready to throw you under the Bus.
If it takes a little psychological force to defeat the dems, so be it. Holder is a racist creep who may only respond to threats like this.
Who the hell knows, maybe Holder and Obama want Khalid Sheik Mohammed to walk. Mohammed was not Mirandized and he was waterboarded. His defense lawyers will do their best to fill the jury with Muslims and sympathetic African Americans. KSM walks out free. Lets put Obama on the same flight out.
Giving Miranda rights to terrorists on the battlefield? With the constant ramming through of health care destruction bills, stupidlus "jobs" bills, and crappy tax bills, what about the rights of Americans to have elected and appointed officials that aren't lying, corrupt buffoons?

So, yes, by all means. Give them what they believe in

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