Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama Says....

Obama says that he wrote both of his books. He says so. Obama also says that he was born in Hawaii. He says so. Obama says that he won’t tax people making under $250,000 a year by as much a one thin dime. He says so. You can keep your medical insurance if you like it. He says so. No federal money will go for paying for an abortion. He says so. Iran will not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. He says so. Unemployment will not rise above 8%. He says so. He will not sign a health bill that adds to the deficit. He says so. Frogs will dance and pigs will fly. He says so. He never knew Rev. Wright has curious ideas. He says so. He barely knows Bill Ayers. He says so. He was shocked, shocked, shocked to find that ACORN had a faint taint of corruption. He says so. He didn’t know his Attorney General was going to have terrorists tried in NYC. He says so. He has no reason to believe that the Ft. Hood massacre was an act of terrorism.
And last but NOT at all least, Obama says that he will make up his mind inregard to sendinding more troops to Afganistan, in a few more weeks... Obama says so.


  1. It makes no sense. Why are you a malcontent. Just listen to Obama's words and you will BE CONTENT. Remember. HE says so. ;-)

  2. Did you read where Obama's half-brother Mark wrote an autobiography in which Obama's father isn't the person Barry describes in Dream of my Father. The real Barack Obama Sr. is an alcoholic and wife beater accoring to Barry's half-brother. I wrote about it on my blog a couple days ago.

  3. Hey if Obama expands the War in Afghanistan do you intend to go and defend America or would it mean you intend to be anti-war since Obama the Islamo-Hitler is expanding the war?

    Maybe you could serve in CONUS the entire time like your hero REMF Reagan?

  4. Grung_e_Gene said...

    Hey if Obama expands the War in Afghanistan do you intend to go and defend America ..

    YES! With pleasure.

  5. He says so. Whatever BO says is lapped up by by the msm without question, yet a Sarah Palin book requires a team of fact checkers working around the clock.