Saturday, November 7, 2009

Obama going to Fort Hood.

The man doesn’t care. Why should he. Remember he was raised a Muslim. Then for 20 years he attended the Rev. Wright’s church to hear more hatred being spewed about our country. He only quit Wright’s church because the political heat was starting to coming down on him. Since the democrats just passed that hate crimes bill I wonder if we American are now a protected species. This animal that just killed and wounded Americans at Ft. Hood, did it out of hatred. Muslims who think like this killer, and the Rev. Wright who preaches hatred should all be locked up.

Yeah, they dismissed George Bush as a cowboy. They dismissed Ronald Reagan as a cowboy.

We could use a cowboy as our President right now if you ask me.

Mr. Obama does not like the military. Very similar to Bill Clinton. I myself served in Bill Clinton’s given during that time. It was shameful. Many barracks were simply not heated during the Clinton era. Bubba was interested in saving a few watts of power at the expense of the health of his soldiers and airmen. Phhht!

The Democrats don’t respect people who join the military and think they are the dregs of society. George Bush knows the truth, the military is packed with the finest, most intelligent and honorable people from our society. It’s a fact the democrats can never comprehend and it always hurts their ability to lead the country. With Clinton it was particularly painful because he didn’t have ant use for the military.

I’ve never had much use for Clinton either ever since.

Barrack Obama strikes me as a man suffering from (NPD) Narcisstic Personality Disorder:.

He lacks empathy and exhibits a grandiose self-image, reacts badly to failure and lines up with this ailment in a dozen other ways. Once people begin to understand this it should be a bit easier to predict his actions and to work to neutralize his policies. It is all very predictable. He is not equipped to deal with personal tragedy up-close and in-person. He cannot react appropriately so he must flee to the Maryland forest. Pathetic.

And the former President steps up and fills the void. Unbelievable. God Bless you George and Laura Bush.

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  1. Is the Ronald Reagan Cowboy we could use right now the one who pulled the US out of Lebanon and empowered UBL into believing the US would never fight? The Chicken Hawk REMF Reagan who never left CONUS or the Cowardly Reagan who dishonored US Marines and left them open to Terrorism by restricting their ROE and not allowing them to have ammo while guarding the gates???