Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sarah Palin continues to give the left wing Loons heartburn.

"Sarah's not retreating, she's reloading." Reloading is precisely what she is doing.
This new book of Sarah's is going to put the lefties into overdrive. I was watching Chris Matthews this afternoon to get his reaction to Sarah and the crowd she drew in Michigan. These guys just don't get it. They've totally lost touch with real people. They are sooo afraid of Sarah Palin. Their vicious attacks on her only show their desperation. They're the big losers in the end.
I am constantly amazed by the way this small courageous woman can so enrage and frighten the left.
The Lefties go bananas when Sarah gets all this adulation and attention b/c they think she's a lightweight, inexperienced dunce. Yet when a lightweight, inexperienced Communist Marxist community organizer like messiah o'bama' gets the adulation and attention, that's as it should be.
The N.O.W. gang have their noses so far up lord messiah's o'bama's butt that they "See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil".
She is a patriot who is gonna lead our country! People, including me, can't get enough of her. She's a national treasure. I watched that idiot, Sally Quinn on Bill O'Reilly's show last night who tried to bad mouth her. Sally just doesn't get it, she needs a crutch to stand up.


  1. Go Sarah, ya got them on the run now, just look at the LIB'S blogs, they are running scared.

  2. They say she's stupid, but they hang on her every word. Interesting.

  3. Without a doubt they are concerned about Sarah. Anytime a woman or a black comes out strong for conservative values they are attacked viciously by the left and their menions.

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  5. How is she going to lead our country after she quit Alaska? Why hasn't she explained herself about that decision or about her future intentions?

    No one has these answers because only she knows, but for some reason hasn't told anyone.

  6. C'mon Mal. I don't delete you Bro. Why you dissing my man Gene?

  7. Mal, I post on Truth 101, and other left leaning blogs and have yet to be censured.

    We of a more conservative mindset gain nothing by censuring their comments. Unless of course the comment is vulgar or outright demeaning.

    One must confront the opposition in the light of day and in free exchange of ideas.

  8. TRUTH 101 said...

    C'mon Mal. I don't delete you Bro. Why you dissing my man Gene?

    Why? Because of the way he insults me and my party and the BRAVE Republican Men that have been killed protecting his sorry ass.
    If he thinks that the fighting men in both wars are all Demobats, he's NUTS!

    As for you truth, I don't delete your posts because I don't take you seriously. Nobody can be that demented.