Monday, November 16, 2009

Spitting on the Fort Hood Dead

Almost before the echo of gunfire from the massacre at Ft. Hood had faded, the news media launched a pre-emptive rationalization for the slaughter committed by Muslim traitor Nidal Malik Hasan. To divert attention from the shooter’s inconvenient name. These News Morons have no clue as to how much damage they are causing to themselves with this positioning. The vast majority of the American people know exactly who Nidal Malik Hasan is and the reason he slaughtered and wounded so many Americans.

When Hollywood makes this into a film it will be a neo-con skin-head terrorist as always.

1 comment:

  1. So true! They are alienating themselves fast! Besides with the evidence of the lame stream media's failure to portray news clearly and without spin.

    ....we see the ever growing evidence of the internet being effective at doing just that!

    Why else would the FCC be scrambling for net neutrality?

    The handling of the Ft. Hood Jihad massacre is best, and a complete insult to all intelligence at worst. Jerks