Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Poll: – 57% -oppose the healthcare reform bill. 34% -are for it.

What Is Happening to America? We Have All Become So Relaxed and So Naive, Trusting Our Government to Take Care of Everything for Us, We Tend to Leave it in Thier Hands Hope They Make the Right Decisions, .....Not this Time, If You and I Want to Live in a Country with out a Dictator........Then it Is Important That We Write to Our Senators and Congressman or Join a Tea Party or Do Something That Will Help Change this New Obama Health Care Change..........He Said Be for He Was Elected..."Change" Well If the Health Care Goes Through There Is Definitely Going to Be "Change" and Not for the Better.............Lets Stop this Before We Lose Our Country to Obama Hussain.

If Congress isn't listening now, they will have to listen to the 2010 elections. The question is, will the voters whisper to them, or yell?

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  1. With the kind of politicians that we have in our government, I don't trust them one iota. Your right. If this so-called reform goes through there will be change, and it won't be for the better. There will be rationing like you have never seen before and the costs will skyrocket because of reform.