Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Healthcare Reform"

"Healthcare Reform" is an American political myth. Politicians since Harry Truman have tried to nationalize medical services by various means. It's the same mythology: Too expensive and Americans have some unknown right to these services. Before Obama there was GWB hustling the Medicare prescription drug expansion, and Hillarycare. If anything defeats this monster this time, it will be someone getting a too short stick - Doctores, Pharma, insurance the meantime America's other moderate party is waiting for the Dems to continue crashing so they can help keep the President from "failing" while telling middle America they saved their butts from Obamacare. Sorry to break to all you angry folks depending on the GOP, but the real "threat", the real bamboozling will eventually emerge with Grassley, Issakson, and the rest of the CINOs elected as Republicans negotiating for a Senate compromise. Those who resist will suddenly understand, we are all Sarah Palins.
And another thing, I think that
Republicans who negotiate across the aisle with socialists should be thrown out of office. This bill should be voted down in whole. Also, the funding and appointment of the treatment decisions panel in the previous stimulus bill needs to be revoked and/or taken to the Supreme Court.Why are these criminals still in office? They are trying to install Socialism in our Country. The Guy in the Oval office is trying to force Socialism on us..
Saying the public now senses that Øbama has been less than straightforward with them, is an understatement. This clown lies through his teeth. He has broken every single campaign promise he ever made. The real kicker is when he promised there would be 5 days to discuss every Bill put before Congress, then he rammed through a thousand-something-page stimulus Bill and gave Congress less than 24 hours to read it and vote on it. Then the crook-clown Øbama takes a liesurely 4-day weekend to go on another vacation to Chi-town and signs the Bill on a Tuesday? Then to add insult to injury, his so-called stimulus Bill that cost nearly $800 billion and if we passed it RIGHT NOW unemployment would not go above 8 percent? Hello? Would you buy a used car from this man?
That's it in a nutshell. The public does not believe that BO has leveled with them. Or to put it another way he's a liar.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Let Me Get this Straight. If I Voice Dissent to Nazi Tactics, They Call Me a Nazi?

While the Lefties are having a good time over there in La, La Land, their Messiah with his halo is tearing this country apart.
They can laugh at Sarah Palin's remarks all they want to and spin it any way they want to, BUT!
The fact remains that if Obama's health care plan becomes reality, there WILL be a governmental authority of some sort that determines whose life is worth saving and whose is not.
So what Sarah Palin meant in her remarks are not far off from becoming reality.
Never have I seen America more divided - on racial lines,economic lines and now health-care lines.
I sense a deep hatred and rising rebellion cooking away in the American heartland. It will only take a benign spark to set it off.
The "silent majority" is going to be silent no longer. The question is...will the American people let themselves be intimidated by the brown-shirt, thuggish tactics of the Obamaites and their storm troopers in the various extremist organizations all under the protective umbrella of the suborned Congress or will they fight back? I'm betting that they will fight back.
And by the way,
Nancy Pelosi turns 70 next year. I wonder if she made her end of life' counseling appointment yet?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nancy Pelosi

Since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has no evidence whatsoever to back up her claim that protesters have been carrying “swastikas and symbols like that” to townhall meetings on health care, it appears she’s projecting her image of what she thinks these protesters her onto reality. She just assumes that those protesting Democratic policies would carry such symbols.

Does she really paint her adversaries with such a broad brush, believing them akin to Nazis while at the same time the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, whose job it is to keep Democrats in the majority and thus Mrs. Pelosi as Speaker has been whining that Rush is calling them Nazis! Talk about pots calling kettles black.