Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grung_e_Gene said...
President Obama totally earned it by expanding the protection of the "Afghani" People through the use of the American Military in Nation-Building. I am so proud President Obama is not abandoning those people to misery and death and is willing to save a land and not occupy it for tawdry resources.
President Obama is halfway to Catholic Sainthood!

The Malcontent Said:
Yeah Right, And the moon is most definitely made of cheese and don't let anyone tell you any different


  1. I think Grung_e_Gene is delusional, or in some kindof dream world. Obama is not responsible for expanding the protection of the Afghani people. If anything, our brave men and women in the military are responsible for that. But, if Gene really wants to get technical Bush is responsible for expanding protection of the Afghani people, because he is the one that decided to send troops into Afghanistan. If it was Obama's choice we would not have gone into Afghanistan or Iraq. He just likes to deceive people into thinking that he is for the "right" war, but that isn't true. He is anti-war, period.

  2. So, Ralph I take it you are against expanding the war in Afghanistan?

    And Teresa you are for expanding the war in Afghainstan? and by sending Troops Obama is to quote you "He just likes to deceive people into thinking that he is for the "right" war, but that isn't true. He is anti-war, period." So you are against his sending more troops into the country?

  3. Teresa are you mad at US SOCOM for charging the Navy SEALs with detainee abuse? Do you think Obama should have intervened and disrupted the Chain of Command in this case? should he have ignored the General's advice?

  4. B. Hussein ignored McCrystals advise didn't he.

    Sainthood,,lol,,The Vatican needs more criteria like a miracle or two. Besides I doubt they bestow such a title to a false prophet,,lol

  5. Gene,
    I am for Obama staying in both wars and not signaling to our enemy a timetable for exiting both countries. He is in effect giving the terrorists a piece of our playbook. Even General McCrystal says it doesn't follow I.O. manual and rules.

    Obama has the authority to step in and stop the charges against the Navy Seals. He and the General are playing by the terrorists rules and you can't do that, period, but especially not in a time of war. The General could have reprimanded the seals by just talking to them but he decided to take terrorists false claims seriously and follow in accordance with the terrorists playbook. That is the General's mistake. The so-called chain of command was tainted straight from the start because it is obvious that this General did not like the Seals extracurricular activities so he let that skew his judgement in a very bad way.

    I suppose you would have us do nothing and just wait until another 9/11 type of attack happens again on our soil? Because doing nothing and us not treating terrorist acts as acts of war is what made 9/11 possible. Obama would actually be doing his job if he forced the charges to be dropped. Nope-the man hasn't worked an honest day in his life.

  6. So, the Chain of Command should be ignored when it suits your needs... Consistency is the Hobgoblin of little minds...

    I suppose you would have us do nothing and just wait until another 9/11 type of attack happens again on our soil?

    Strawman. Set up an attack on me which warms your insides and conforms to your stilted ignorant view of War and Liberals. And who is "This General" you keep insinuating is responsible?

  7. Ohh and Teresa the SEALS declined NJP and demanded a Court Martial because they wanted this brought out so they would not be scapegoats to false justice...

    Just because you are ignorant of the Chain of Command doesn't mean you can lay the blame for every problem in the GWOT on Peace Prize President Venerable Obama...

  8. Gene- Your the ignorant one here because before the chain of command you referenced to the General could have just talked to them and reprimanded them that way without it tainting their excellent service to America. Because they did nothing wrong.

    Why are you so anti-military and pro-terrorist? Why are you taking the terrorists side over our Navy Seals? That's what unpatriotic ignorant liberals do.

  9. Teresa I understand violently stupid anti-human Republicans want to attack Obama at every opportunity but you don't know anything about the military and you don't know anything about the SEAL case.

    There have never been a finer collection of Service Men (save perhaps during WWII) than are serving now. Teresa just because you want them to die overseas for Republican political gain don't denigrate their service, too.

  10. Your the person who made this political and Republican vs. Democrat. I am for America and the soldiers and all wars. I am not just for the wars that just make Democrats look rosy in the end. Tough battles are the ones worth fighting for the most. You stay with your pussy mentality and God forbid another attack happens on American soil because you think we should only fight wars when a Democrat is in office. Nope. That's not how America has stayed a free country all these years. Your type are the people who are dividing this country and who are ruining this great land called America. So, keep on having your head in the sand and rooting for those terrorists instead of the Navy Seals.

  11. Teresa says:

    "He and the General are playing by the terrorists rules"

    My understanding is that they are following the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If that is following the terrorists rules, I guess the terrorists are a lot more honorable than our previous president and vice president.

    Before you start squawking about this, of course that is not my position. I just wanted to point out that you people will say, and claim to believe, just about anything, if it gets you what you want; which this time seems to be to slake your love of violence in which you have no chance to suffer.

  12. Green Eagle,
    The terrorists are not abiding by the Geneva Convention and the normal Uniform Code of Military Justice like our brave men and women in the military are.

    I would argue that since the Geneva Convention applies to a uniformed army and is applicable to a particular country than the Geneva Convention does not apply to the terrorists because they don't have a uniform or are not a uniformed military, and pledge allegience to no particular country. So, our troops and CIA agents are under no obligations to follow the Geneva Convention. So, Bush and Cheney were following their instincts for protecting our country and not following the Human Rights International and the ACLU's warped and skewed version of what is acceptable during a time of war.