Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Oprah Is Leaving, now if we can only get rid of Joy Behar

NO! Please say it isn't so. What will I do with my day? How will I know what to think, what to read, who to vote for? What kind of dish washing detergent to buy. What to eat. Who to love. This is a loss of tragic proportions! I don't think I will even be able to stir up a good cry without her.
Good-riddance to that pile of garbage. And don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. But then again the door can't miss your big ass!
Just one less lib I don't have to hear anymore. .

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let's Not Kid Ourselves! No good will come of this.

Eric Holder's decision to return five 9/11 terror suspects to New York City to stand trial in civilian court, rather than in military commissions, was undoubtedly made with the blessing of President Barack Obama. By way of deduction, this decision has little to do with furthering the interests of justice.
So the question becomes, “Why did Obama and Holder decide to bring the suspects to New York to stand trial?” It's no secret it was to put George Bush on trial as well.

Ninety Gitmo detainees have been designated for release/repatriation. Other Gitmo detainees are going to get processed through American civilian courts. Still others are going to get processed through military tribunals. Finally, there is a group that has been declared too dangerous to release or to process. The simple fact that KSM has been designated to a civilian court indicates to me that the case against him must be strong enough to proceed, without the reliance on evidence tainted by torture.

To date, military tribunals have adjudicated the cases of exactly 3 detainees. FTR, I have no idea of the strength of the case against KSM. However, I don’t think that there is much chance of him getting off.

Is this a shot across the bow of the Bush Administration? It could be, if it shows exactly how much we got from this guy before we tortured him. However, it also shows the very best of the American justice system. We are not afraid of this guy. We do this in public. The world will hear the evidence against him. And the world can judge. Would that that same justice could be extended to every detainee.

American's Never Give Up. We are Waking Up!

We have all shed so many tears over the last few weeks, we shed teats for those in Fort Hood who gave their lives and those who have been wounded from a lousy miserable Muslim Terrorist And we have also remembered those on Veterans Day who served our country throughout the years so bravely and valiantly . I and many you are so very proud of the service men and women who have given of themselves and for their families. Having grown up with a father who serviced for most of my childhood I personally know it is not an easy life.

It has been said before and it bears repeating: Freedom is not free; we must thank those who have in the past and now fight for our freedom. God bless them and keep them from harm's way. Support our troops and pray for them.
Just like the above picture, we must fight for our freedoms.

The closer the Democratic Congress' radical health package gets to enactment, the less popular it becomes. The American people smell a rat. The Democrats' health care revolution, which right now looks like it will include a government-run option that could cripple the health insurance industry, is sinking in approval. The newest Rasmussen poll finds public support down to 38% — falling for the first time below 41%. What an ego this Chicago thug has. He’s losing the public and he’s getting. desperate!
But Mr. Bubble Ears says, I don’t want discussion distension or other people talking –
I don’t want to hear ANY opposing views. I want this bill to pass at all costs. So shut up and sit down. Harry, pass out the bribes. Just another example of the arrogance exhibited by the “Messiah”. When Reid and Pelosi and her gang can bribe Landrieu for her vote, and the whole lot of them will get to retire on annual six-figure taxpayer pensions regardless of whether they are voted out or not in 2010, something is wrong.
But guess what, you will not silence the freedom & liberty loving AMERICANS. We have heard and we have had enough! WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK.
We will NOT bow down to you. We will NOT let your goons run us out of town. We will NOT shut our mouths so you can take our country and freedoms away.
NO, I THINK NOT! We will fight and we will win this war. You have awakened the silent and hard working people of this country.
This is a rally call to all those on the sidelines. Wake up now! This is a turning point in the history of our country. Do not let this man and those that have taken up arms against us win the battle of America.
We need to revolt! They can't throw us all in jail. We can not be afraid of them. We need to fight for our freedoms, we can not sit back and just watch this happen.
And we have to
throw Michael Steele out and get a fighter to head the party.
May God help us defeat this bill, get rid of these awful people who are trying to ram legislature we don't want down our throats, and put our country back on the right path.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Mr. Liberal, will you still be laughing when your premature child is ruled not viable by the Government in order to save $ as they do in the UK? unlike the US right now.

will you still be laughing when the Government tells you that the lifesaving drugs you need cost too much $ as they do in” enlightened”countries?

will you still be laughing when your mom, dad, brother or sister dies waiting for necessary surgery? As happened to a friend 34 yr.old guy easy heart fix died waiting in Canada. .Widow and children left.

will you still be laughing when the gov. takes more&more and there is no way out . YOU LOSE!

The senators who are about to go against their constituents wishes and vote for this bill will be bribed not only with the publicly discoverable money to their states, but will be bribed with God knows what else.

Does anyone actually think that they would give up a senate seat for less that vast riches and positions of power for themselves personally? Does anyone think that forces like Soros and internationalists who would profit personally to unimaginable depths by destroying our currency would hesitate to pony up hundreds of millions or more in bribe money for a handful of sleazy corruptible pols?

Now that the criminals are in place from the top down in our government, there is unlimited opportunity for graft and no fear and therfore no resistance to taking the blood money.

These traitorous pols are not uninformed and know these pieces of legislation will destroy America and will take them down our in the coming election. They know the consequences, they just know the payoff will be worth it for them and their families, forever. Our precious country is being sold for pieces of silver and don't ever forget it.

Character Matters!
Sad but true. Our leaders don't have character because those that elect them have no character and our leaders can't develop character in the country because they don't have any character and they don't have character because those who elect them have no character..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Czar Down, Many More To Go.

Throughout the history of America wet have been fighting against the Communist ideology within our own government for a long time, yet we continue to allow Communist, now called Liberals, to destroy the huge segments of our economic progress. they control local urban governments and look at the complete economic disaster urban areas living conditions represent. Consider their control over education, and its impact on K through 12 student performance. Look at the disaster that the US Congress is about to foist on us. They have been running a poncy scheme called Social Security for years and it is insolvent. They control medicare and it is insolvent, They control our budget and we are now insolvent. When are you guys going to finally say enough is enough and outlaw these criminals from our country. don’t you understand they are our enemies. They are not Americans. Why because they do not believe in the principles nor the laws of our Constitution which restrict them imposing centralized control. What do you think government healthcare is? It is totalitarianism. It is like bank robbers are trying to gain control not only the money but how and when you can spend your own money. Socialism is tyranny. Barack Obama and his “czars” are fascist totalitarianism pretending to be Liberals. They are not. They are just stupid Communist. As for Jones, I say good riddance. If I had my way the entire Democrat Party would be arrested tomorrow. They don’t fool me. I would ship the lot of them to Cuba where they belong. But it looks as if the “sleeping giant” called American is finally waking up. We have already started, we have fighting people that won’t give up such as Glenn Beck who can be credited for getting rid of the Commie bastard that was put into OUR White House Van Jones! Gratefully he and the likes of him have bit the dust. N0bamessiah’s Communist brother is gone.
Good job Glenn Beck. Now Jones can go back to organizing street thugs.
I’ve seen, and everyone with a brain has seen idiots like Van Jones before, only they were disguised as a Reverend, or an Attorney General. So there is still much more to undo. Like the parasite goon squads known as ACORN.

A Comment I made on another blog..

In Answer To Someone That Said Van Jones Was "Swift-Boated"

"Van Jones was swiftboated."
He "swiftboated" himself.

What a Joke that is!
Swift Boating" is the new leftist nickname for having the truth come out about somebody....
As soon as Obama and the rest of the the Democrats began to see Jones as a liability instead of an asset, he was toast. Never mind that none of the ad hominem attacks had no bearing on his ability to do the job; never mind that he literally wrote the book on green jobs as a way to kill two birds with one stone.
Barack Obama knew in advance about the radical background of Van Jones before appointing him as his "green jobs czar." So where is this "Swift Boating" charge coming from?

Are YOU kidding? Van Jones is a communist, plain and simple!!! Van Jones did call Republicans "assholes" in a public forum and he even admitted it. You want to bl;ame Glenn beck for that also? If so yes, Glenn Beck ultimately DESTROYED Van Jones political career. That's good, because we don't need self proclaimed communists, felons, and racists in the government. Bottom line: Van Jones needed to GO, so Glenn Beck paved the way! So if you want to twist and spin it, so be it...Van Jones was an embarrassment to every real American. He should never have gotten into the federal government, let alone into the White House in the first place. This opens up a huge number of questions for me. Did Team Obama even bother to vet this guy? If they did vet this idiot and not find this? If so, I have serious questions concerning their ability to examine the people they are looking at.
That says as much about our president as it does about Jones that he was given a job. Glenn Beck did our country a service. Good Bye and Good Riddance and Thank you Glenn Beck, for digging up all of this. It is not enough that the jackass has resigned, but now we have people like Authurstone and the Rat pack of Libs defending this dangerous idiot by saying he was “Swift-boated” But if the Obamawacks want to play communist mad scientist with million lives of Americans, I say, keep talking, we need all the help you can give us. Maybe his Komrade Obama will follow suit? If we get real lucky?


Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Brake For Brainwashed Libs.

Hi yall, I believe everything that my Liberal Masters tell me!!!

Bill Ayers is a known, unrepentant terrorist who admits to bombing the Pentagon, the Capitol Building and police precincts. His terrorist group, the Weather Underground, is responsible for the murder of police officers. But instead of cooling his heels in a prison cell, he's a college professor in Illinois who has recently stated that he doesn't think his gang did enough damage to the US.

So why isn't he in jail? Simple, his rights were violated by law enforcement. The FBI was engaged in illegal practices (most notably, breaking and entering without a warrant or probable cause) leading up to his arrest. Because of these violations, all charges against Ayers were dropped.

Fast forward to today. President Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, has decided that Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the guy who planned the 9-11 attacks that took the lives of 3,000 innocent Americans, should go on trial in civil court.
It makes me sick just thinking about it. Of all the things Obama has pulled since his swearing in, from trying to break our economy to the apology tour, this is the worst.
KSM was not read his Miranda Rights when he was captured, was held for years without trial or legal council and was water boarded while in custody. Are these not grounds to throw out all charges against him, as the court did with Ayers' charges? Isn't that exactly what we risk by going forward with this idiotic plot?

But Holder and Obama have both assured us that he will be found guilty. Really? How can they say that if KSM is to be tried in a court that requires he be presumed innocent until proven guilty? By stating that there is no doubt that he will be found guilty, they admit that the trial is rigged which defeats their stated purpose for sending him to trial. KSM is still being denied a fair trial if what Obama and Holder tell us is true. Isn't that also a violation of the very rights they are trying to afford him?

And if his charges aren't thrown out and he is found guilty, what does it say about our legal system when a criminal can be arrested, not read his rights, held indefinitely, without legal council, and water boarded and still be convicted of his crimes? What kind of precedent does that set? Can we do that to bank robbers and embezzlers now? Is there not equal protection under the law?

Obviously this stunt is not meant to protect the rights of KSM or he would be presumed innocent. So why do it? Why put our legal system in such a lose-lose situation? On the one hand, we risk setting free a mass-murderer with the blood of 3,000 innocent Americans on his hands. On the other, we risk the integrity of our legal system by rigging a trial against a guy whose "rights" have been violated.

Why the risk? Hard to say. It may be that they really are too freaking stupid to know the difference between a common criminal and an enemy combatant and their warped world view has blurred the lines between a crime and an act of war. Or it may be that, to Obama and Holder, a "gotcha" moment against the CIA and the Bush Administration is far more important than the integrity of our legal system and the American lives lost on 9-11.

Will Obama Be A One-Term President?

The war in Afghanistan is not going very well. Casualties are up. We have had a "surge" in troop levels. But where all of the war protesters? Where is Cindy Sheehan and her liberal allies? Where is Ooops, I forgot. The protests weren't really about the war, they were about Bush. Now that we have a Democrat in the White House, liberals don't care about the war and never did care about the troops. The endless Jobless rate.
And the people are sick and tired of his apologizing for us all over the friggen world.
I think I have to agree, he will be a one term president with a list of failures up the wazool.
Very sad, very sad indeed.
And I am sick of giving the bums on the corner welfare!
The Loonies on the Left absolutely can't tolerate conservatives. They would cearly love to remove Rush Limbaugh from the air via the "Fairness Doctrine." It enrages them that Sarah Palin’s book and Glenn Beck’s book and Michelle Malkin's book, on the heels of Mark Levin's book, is now the top seller in the country. So no surprise they are now gloating about the heat the Obama administration is getting over the headlines in the news of the past few weeks. And it’s not only because that he lacks a brain. The real problem is ... he is totally clueless! First the lack of a decision on sending more troops to Afghanistan, while more of our soldiers are dying every day because this arrogant Muslim sympathizer won't make up his mind.
EITHER GIVE THE GENERAL WHAT HE ASKED FOR, OR GET OUR TROOPS THE HELL OUT! He says that he is carefully evaluating the situation! He is an idiot. Even Democrats are wondering about his sanity. He will be lucky not to be impeached for aiding the enemy.
As for the time he is taking to make a decision on the number of troops that are required to assure a victory in Afghanistan, How would this ignorant imbecile know ? He don't have a clue . He is too worried about not PO' ing his Islamic friends , RE; .. Let's not jump to conclusions or rush to judgement about Major hassan in the matter of the fort hood "Tragedy" . He does not have the guts to admit exactly what it really is . It is the first (large) incident of ISLAMIC terrorism on American soil since the 911 incident , and it happened on HIS watch. Yes on HIS watch, did you hear that all you Blame Bush’s!
Followed by the shooting by a fellow Muslim at Foot Hood and now the clincher of it all. The stupidity to try accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other terrorists in New York City. How freaken dumb can you be? Or is he dumb? And is this trial all about George Bush and America it self!
The one good thing about this insanity is that Obama already lost his re election regardless. He destroyed industry, small business, health care. jobs are all time high and rising national debt is incomprehensive. This administration has made our nation vulnerable to attacks by bowing and apologizing to the whole world and refusing to call the largest Terror Attack on US soil since 9/11 just that. There is no way he will get re elected he can not lead he is clueless about national and international affairs. The great news is that there is approximately 1150 or less days until real Hope and Change comes to America, and Mr. Bubble Ears is outta here.


Here is the (automatic) response I received..

Thank you for your e-mail. Each and every piece of correspondence I receive is important because it allows me to better understand the New Yorkers I serve in the United States Senate.

As you can imagine, my office receives a great number of messages every day regarding a variety of issues – this is particularly true of e-mails. It makes me proud to know that my constituents take an active role in our government by corresponding with me, and I look forward to responding to your concerns in greater detail. In the meantime, I just wanted to let you know that your e-mail has been received, and to ask for your patience until I send you a more detailed response.

Again, thank you for writing. Please feel free to visit my website to follow my work in the Senate and to learn more about the services my office can provide to you.

Warmest regards

Warmest regards? I guess he didn't read my letter!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Holder’s True Motive (KSM will put the CIA and the Bush Administration on trial)

Holder says he’ll be found guilty. Isn’t that a perversion of our jurisprudence? If a not-guilty verdict is impossible, then the trial is a sham.

We need to put the pressure on Washington at all levels to roll back this horrible decision. It would be the right thing for the country and a major setback for the failure that is Obama.

The Chicago Way. It's the only language the thugs in the administration understand.

Comrade Obama and Holder want to try CIA agents in ex-post-facto Stalinist type show trials for waterboarding terrorists and protecting our country.
Get ready Holder,Obama is ready to throw you under the Bus.
If it takes a little psychological force to defeat the dems, so be it. Holder is a racist creep who may only respond to threats like this.
Who the hell knows, maybe Holder and Obama want Khalid Sheik Mohammed to walk. Mohammed was not Mirandized and he was waterboarded. His defense lawyers will do their best to fill the jury with Muslims and sympathetic African Americans. KSM walks out free. Lets put Obama on the same flight out.
Giving Miranda rights to terrorists on the battlefield? With the constant ramming through of health care destruction bills, stupidlus "jobs" bills, and crappy tax bills, what about the rights of Americans to have elected and appointed officials that aren't lying, corrupt buffoons?

So, yes, by all means. Give them what they believe in

The ' Really Big Ass of the Year Award'. Of 2009

The New Celebrity Reality Show' 'Really Big Ass of the Year Award'. The TWO finalists include Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama.

Who beat out a strong field of nominees including Rosie O'Donnel, Michael Moore, and last year's winner, Hillary Clinton.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sarah Palin continues to give the left wing Loons heartburn.

"Sarah's not retreating, she's reloading." Reloading is precisely what she is doing.
This new book of Sarah's is going to put the lefties into overdrive. I was watching Chris Matthews this afternoon to get his reaction to Sarah and the crowd she drew in Michigan. These guys just don't get it. They've totally lost touch with real people. They are sooo afraid of Sarah Palin. Their vicious attacks on her only show their desperation. They're the big losers in the end.
I am constantly amazed by the way this small courageous woman can so enrage and frighten the left.
The Lefties go bananas when Sarah gets all this adulation and attention b/c they think she's a lightweight, inexperienced dunce. Yet when a lightweight, inexperienced Communist Marxist community organizer like messiah o'bama' gets the adulation and attention, that's as it should be.
The N.O.W. gang have their noses so far up lord messiah's o'bama's butt that they "See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil".
She is a patriot who is gonna lead our country! People, including me, can't get enough of her. She's a national treasure. I watched that idiot, Sally Quinn on Bill O'Reilly's show last night who tried to bad mouth her. Sally just doesn't get it, she needs a crutch to stand up.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Real American's Don't Bow To Anybody!

Obama Says....

Obama says that he wrote both of his books. He says so. Obama also says that he was born in Hawaii. He says so. Obama says that he won’t tax people making under $250,000 a year by as much a one thin dime. He says so. You can keep your medical insurance if you like it. He says so. No federal money will go for paying for an abortion. He says so. Iran will not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. He says so. Unemployment will not rise above 8%. He says so. He will not sign a health bill that adds to the deficit. He says so. Frogs will dance and pigs will fly. He says so. He never knew Rev. Wright has curious ideas. He says so. He barely knows Bill Ayers. He says so. He was shocked, shocked, shocked to find that ACORN had a faint taint of corruption. He says so. He didn’t know his Attorney General was going to have terrorists tried in NYC. He says so. He has no reason to believe that the Ft. Hood massacre was an act of terrorism.
And last but NOT at all least, Obama says that he will make up his mind inregard to sendinding more troops to Afganistan, in a few more weeks... Obama says so.

Jane Fonda: Obama Funder Jodie Evans Met With Taliban; Code Pink Gives Terrorists Direct Line to Obama

Top Obama donor and fundraiser Jodie Evans met with the Taliban in Afghanistan on a recent trip there, according to a report by Jane Fonda of a discussion she had with Evans last month. The meeting with the Taliban took place just weeks before Evans was videotaped directly handing to President Barack Obama a package of information about her trip to Afghanistan at a high dollar fundraiser in San Francisco.
Why wasn't Jane Fonda hanged years ago? If "Giving aid and comfort to the enemy" is still the defination, then Fonda and Evans seem to have gone well over the line. Let's let a jury decide! We are no longer a nation that has Patriots in the White House or in the Congress.

Our Justice Department (that alone is an absurd title) no longer prosecutes those that openly display acts of treason...and the FBI and other Federal law enforcement agencies are now so political that they are next to useless. We are now a nation of Socialists and Cowards. A nation where
people who attend tea parties are now looked upon as traitors and domestic terrorists .
Could it be
that this the reason Obama can't make up his mind about sending more troops to Afghanistan? Does Code Pink have more sway with Obama than his own General? Sounds like it to me. Is THIS why Obama has left our soldiers to die in Afghanistan while pretending to dither over a tough decision, while Obama goes sightseeing and BOWING all over Asia.
What a pair. Hanoi Jane and Jihad Jodie.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


In the short period of less than 300 days, Obama has added more to the deficit than George Bush did in 8 years. He's going to take your money, give it to lazy pieces of shit .(Spreading the Wealth). Lets give these same lazy aholes health insurance too (You and I also to pay for). The stock market continues to decline, now 32% since Obama was sworn in. Continue to let illegals enter the country and do nothing about. Oh wait a minute. Now Obama wants to give them not only tax benefits when they don't pay taxes, but social security benefits too. What were you idiots that voted for him thinking? I don't hear much from you now. No surprise here. Obama, tap your idiot friends like Sean Penn and Oprah, re-distribute their wealth, not mine.
Obama is the current president and he must stop campaigning and start leading. He needs to stop blaming the Bush administration for everything that he screws up..

He must focus on the banking crisis and stop diverting our attention and trillions of OUR money to pet pork projects and his obvious obsession with Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck.
I do find it very intriguing that he has an obsession with Rush Limbaugh! That is hilarious. What is he afraid of? While I don't always agree with Rush and consider him an entertainer at times, I do agree w/Rush that Obama is not doing well in instilling confidence in the American people. Barry is all of the sudden preaching gloom and doom...where is the hope he had a few short months ago? His message is doing a lot of damage (look at the markets!) and I think he realizes his mistake and lashes at Rush for being correct on ths one.

The great leader isn't leading. He is a pawn of the dem party, playing their game, getting sucked into it instead of bringing the change he had promised. What a huge disappointement for those who had high hopes
Eventually the taxpayers' ability to pay for these projects will dry up. There will be no more money for the government.

He, his administration, and Congress act and our markets react.

He attacks corporations, he attacks those who've worked hard to accumulate wealth for their families (good for them!), he attacks the banking industry, he attacks taxpayers by raising taxes.
Folks, I sincerely fear we are at a cross road. The America you & I grew up in versus a socialist hand-out (not hand up) big brother owned society. Is it really time for true American rooted philosophies to be laid down forever? We have allowed our root values to be chipped away at since the 70's really. Religion, life, welfare, education, security and even death-taxing. I am a typical American, second generation immigrant background, raised as a blue collar democrat, forced to go to a catholic school (grin), a boy scout, a war veteran, a GI Bill college education, a home owner, father of two.... I passed through many things here and not realizing what divine gifts they were.

My children will never see the America I saw it. Then again maybe they never did. I recall my son saying, if you spank me, my teacher said I should call the police. I laughed that comment off. Boy my dad would have shown him a different response that I did. But thinking clearly now, his response was yet an example of a different indoctrination in life then I had. Today we have allowed a box to be placed on a cross to cover it up in California (google that). Chipping away yet one more root value. Today illegal alien means free medical, in state college tuition, voting and constitutional rights. Another chipping away at common American sense.
Sometimes I feel so alone. I can't believe who we have as president of this nation. Am I the only one who sees us as the USSA? Obama is a disaster, and it will be too late very soon here if people do not wake up! I feel sorry for my children and grandchildren. For those who worried about the debt before, this idiot was elected in, look at it now! The people, who for the most part, are educated and pay into the system are being punished. If the stock market is just a "political tracking pole" as Obama stated, then I say he is a giant FAILURE...

Why should we, the people who gave up money and time from our lives and family to get an education provide for those who did not! This is America.
Now we have Obama, Pelosi and Reid pretty much controlling which direction this country will continue in. Oh yeah, lets use the fairness doctrine to block opposing views to socialism. Lets blame Bush for everything too... that had a ring to it. Wait a minute, Obama will change things. Is this the change you thought it would be?

Why is the left so afraid of Sarah Palin?

Have you ever seen so much hatred for, and vitriolic criticism of, someone who had only a brief stint on the national political stage? More than a year after the presidential election in which Sarah Palin, as the GOP nominee for Vice-President, campaigned for about 3 months, she is still being pilloried by the leftwing loons as though she had been elected and was now actively engaged in dismantling the liberal establishment. he liberal
Isn't it great how one woman totally unheard of until last year can scare so many politicians ?
Any person who is a symbol of real conservatism in the US who can speak to the average citizen, get them interested in what's going on in the government and arouse their wrath at being damaged by that government must be targeted by the leftoids. If the base of America unites they are out of power.
The Left's preoccupation with Palin is laughable with their affirmative action President screwing up daily by the NUMBERS. The leftist trash and the propagandists hate Sarah Palin because she is EVERYTHING Obama is not. And Obama is not a lot of things, like patriotic, just to start the list.
It’s all those brain dead leftist geniuses who continue to be puzzled, perplexed and totally bewildered as to why Sarah Palin “quit” “quit” “quit” the governorship of Alaska. (They love that word.) The truth is she explained fully and openly all the reasons why she “quit” her office. She did so that very day in her speech on the beach which was completely, incessantly and eventually covered by all the media known to man, woman and child. None of her reasons were selfish. All were altruistic. But, the aforementioned geniuses have never, so they say, been able to grasp what is as obvious as the lies and distortions that emanate from their word processing keyboards. Which is why she’s been wisely bypassing the geniuses ever since. Sarah Palin is no lightweight. She’s smart and she continues to outwit the nitwits in the media who have grown to fear her. Why else would they put in so much time and effort to destroy her? In short, Sarah Palin is genuine.
For liberals, these are the three most terrifying words in the English language...

President Sarah Palin

That's why they fear and hate her.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Puts A Tax On Aspirin!


Spitting on the Fort Hood Dead

Almost before the echo of gunfire from the massacre at Ft. Hood had faded, the news media launched a pre-emptive rationalization for the slaughter committed by Muslim traitor Nidal Malik Hasan. To divert attention from the shooter’s inconvenient name. These News Morons have no clue as to how much damage they are causing to themselves with this positioning. The vast majority of the American people know exactly who Nidal Malik Hasan is and the reason he slaughtered and wounded so many Americans.

When Hollywood makes this into a film it will be a neo-con skin-head terrorist as always.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's a year after the election, Obama is still blaming Bush for his own crappy performance

I have never seen a President blame former Presidents like this in my life. Obama cannot take criticism, that is clear by now.

I don't think this guy knew what he was getting himself into, but he's looking more and more like a one term president. No one likes a whiner, except for other liberal whiners. He already lost the independents who gave him his victory.

Newsflash President Obama: You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

You can’t blame Bush for your poor performance as president, then turn around and claim that Republican sweeps in Virginia and New Jersey have nothing to do with you.

They have everything to do with you.

It is, as you have so often denied, all about you. It's ALL about YOU now.

American citizens are sick and tired of hearing how much Bush stunk. We want to hear what you are going to do.

You’re fresh out of “blame Bush” get-out-of-jail-free cards and need to own up.

As our brave soldiers in the Marine Corps are known to say:

“Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mohammed Shit-face and the four others that killed 2,970 people.

The 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay prisoners will be brought to trial in a civilian federal courthouse in Manhattan, just blocks from site of the terror attacks. The five “terrorist” should have been electrocuted a long time ago. There is no doubt that if the defendants had a pistol they would aim it at the judge and jury. That insight alone should be enough to prove their guilt. The execution should be done on prime time. All five should be strapped together when the switch is pulled

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

People often wonder what is the difference between a conservative and a liberal.

I feel that if someone is acting stupidly, they need to have it brought to their attention. Otherwise, how can they ever change?

If a conservative sees a U.S. flag, his heart swells with pride.
If a liberal sees a U.S. flag, he feels shame.

If a conservative doesn’t like guns, they don’t buy them.
If a liberal doesn’t like guns, then no one else should have one either.

If a conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about how to defeat it.
If a liberal see an enemy he wonders what he can do to appease him.

If a conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how to work to better his situation.
A liberal wants someone else to take care of him.

If a conservative doesn’t like a talk show host, he switches channels.
If a liberal doesn’t like a radio show, he demands that the station be shut down or censored.

If a conservative is a non-believer, he just doesn’t go to church.
Non-believing liberals demand that everyone cease believing and demands churches be censored.

If a conservative needs health care, he shops for it, or chooses a job that provides it.
Liberals demand that everyone else provide him with healthcare for free

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Obama going to Fort Hood.

The man doesn’t care. Why should he. Remember he was raised a Muslim. Then for 20 years he attended the Rev. Wright’s church to hear more hatred being spewed about our country. He only quit Wright’s church because the political heat was starting to coming down on him. Since the democrats just passed that hate crimes bill I wonder if we American are now a protected species. This animal that just killed and wounded Americans at Ft. Hood, did it out of hatred. Muslims who think like this killer, and the Rev. Wright who preaches hatred should all be locked up.

Yeah, they dismissed George Bush as a cowboy. They dismissed Ronald Reagan as a cowboy.

We could use a cowboy as our President right now if you ask me.

Mr. Obama does not like the military. Very similar to Bill Clinton. I myself served in Bill Clinton’s given during that time. It was shameful. Many barracks were simply not heated during the Clinton era. Bubba was interested in saving a few watts of power at the expense of the health of his soldiers and airmen. Phhht!

The Democrats don’t respect people who join the military and think they are the dregs of society. George Bush knows the truth, the military is packed with the finest, most intelligent and honorable people from our society. It’s a fact the democrats can never comprehend and it always hurts their ability to lead the country. With Clinton it was particularly painful because he didn’t have ant use for the military.

I’ve never had much use for Clinton either ever since.

Barrack Obama strikes me as a man suffering from (NPD) Narcisstic Personality Disorder:.

He lacks empathy and exhibits a grandiose self-image, reacts badly to failure and lines up with this ailment in a dozen other ways. Once people begin to understand this it should be a bit easier to predict his actions and to work to neutralize his policies. It is all very predictable. He is not equipped to deal with personal tragedy up-close and in-person. He cannot react appropriately so he must flee to the Maryland forest. Pathetic.

And the former President steps up and fills the void. Unbelievable. God Bless you George and Laura Bush.