Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is there a moron anywhere who actually APPROVES of the job Obama is doing?

Obama has to take responsibility for HIS actions. I think we have heard just about enought of the "I inherited it all" Bull-Shit.
The problem is that everything he believes in and is doing is contrary to the best interest of our country and freedom.
How could any American approve of Obama choosing which businesses to close and which to hand money to, approve of a horrible economy with over a 10% unemployment rate, expanding war to Afghanistan and not keeping the promise to bring the soldiers home. The blacks still approve? Why? What has he done for them?
This man is simply not Presidential. He does not take responsibility for anything, does not have the best interest of the country and its people at heart, and does not seem to value anything the American system stands for
He has been an embarrassment to the blacks and minorities as a first minority President. We should have been able to get a black President that could have handled the job a lot better.


  1. Can you imagine the silence and shock from the leftwigs if we had a Clarance Thomas type as a republican candidate? They wouldn't dare touch that race button! It would be quite the experiment to see how they'd handle their smear campaigns in such a case. Instead, we got Barack Hussein Obama ... the arrogant socialist with his background in hatred, groomed by such greats as Wright, Ayers, and the rest. I'm surprised we've come this far. The groundswell in opposition to this foolishness is long overdue.

  2. The only thing I don't approve from Obama is the escalation of the War in Afghanistan. I am critical of it just like Karl Rove. Obama didn't inherit anything bad in Iraq or Afghanistan, Karl Rove personally killed every Terrorist overseas and there was rainbows and puppies falling from the sky in both countries and how dare Obama sign the TARP into law prior to his taking office gross overstepping of Presidential Authority!