Thursday, December 10, 2009

Barack Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize Today

Obama shows his continued dishonesty and lack of shame to the American people and the world by accepting the Nobel Peace Prize because he has done nothing to earn such an honor. The Nobel Committee by awarding him such an honor has disgraced the Prize and devalued it along with those that have been honored this award in the past. The only exception of past winners of the Nobel who did not earn it or deserve it would be Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, and Yassah Arafat! What a glorious group that is!
There is obviously no legitimate criteria for receiving this "award" so the Nobel Committee has rendered their prizes, worthless, and irrelevant. How Obama can accept this with a straight face is laughable. But I guess when his nose is so far in the air, you can't see him laughing. Obama is just showing how arrogant he really is.

The Norwegians have only themselves to blame in this case. The Nobel committee voted on this guy for what he could accomplish, not for his achievements.
As a former US Marine I think it is time to get the hell out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Only because of the fact that if we are not going to fight to win, but to be there as a token of Obama's IDIOTIC Y, it's time to get our brave people out of the hell hole, and leave Obama sitting on his throne with his Big Booty Queen!


  1. The Nobel committee includes a bunch of leftists, so Obambi fits right in with them, and their agenda.

    Obambi is being added to the list of do-nothings, and a terrorist who did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. So, maybe he desrves to be counted among those rejects.

    The Nobel Peace Prize is close to being rendered meaningless now. But, now the Nobel Committee has made a mockery of it.

  2. President Obama totally earned it by expanding the protection of the "Afghani" People through the use of the American Military in Nation-Building. I am so proud President Obama is not abandoning those people to misery and death and is willing to save a land and not occupy it for tawdry resources.

    President Obama is halfway to Catholic Sainthood!

  3. When the news first broke on the prize award, I instantly thought that anyone with an ounce of decency and respect would refuse to accept it. I think the "acceptance" reveals character--even to those unconcerned with politics.

  4. "Oh, BOY! I have an award Yasser Arafat got!"

    you'd think he'd be ashamed...and, if they could, you'd think the Nobel thugs would be ashamed, also.