Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jobs? What Jobs?

O and Joe have not produced a single job or had a single real job but the haters are the folks that have provided hundreds of thousands with jobs. - By the way Mr. Progressive, keep cashing your welfare check while you can, our debt ceiling under your leader is going up up up, (that means your dollars are going down, down, down, in case you were educated in a government indoctrination center.


  1. Just stoppin in to say thanks for droppin by my place. Gonna add you to my blogroll this weekend. I think I originally found you through a twitter link.

    Also - although I was a zoomie - just wanted to say thanks to you for your service - Ooh Rah, Semper Fi! ;)

  2. Hey, Malcontent; glad you found GeeeeZ...welcome! I'm happy to find your blog, too. Regarding JOBS? Who cares? They're bent on RUINING all of us, you think that O and jO REALLY want us having WORK to PAY for OURSELVES when, if things get even worse, we'll all have to go running to America's new Socialist government "nanny to grave"?
    The whole thing STINKS and all we're doing is typing our indignant fingers to the bone , right? Darn!