Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama’s Failure in Copenhagen .

When President Obama flew to Copenhagen to try to bring the Olympic to his home town in 2016, he hoped to translate his personal popularity abroad into a real accomplishment. And now that wavering Democratic Congressmen and Senators see what little clout that popularity brings, will the President be able to strong arm them into backing an increasingly unpopular proposal when a final bill emerges?

In Europe where the President is more popular than he is here, his political capital doesn’t seem to yield results. And with many of their seats in jeopardy, legislators aren’t likely to go out on a limb for a leader who can’t deliver.
This bunch of idiots has yet to prove they can get anything done except pass a pork bill that has been a complete bomb and damaged Obamas credibility. I for one am glad he’s a failure. America is not a leftists country and lefitst policies are not good for freedom and liberty. The sooner they are further humiliated and escorted out of town the better for the country.
All you need to know about the Copenhagen Obama humiliation is that Obama and Michelle got 18 votes out of a possible 94! Not that’s a rout of epic proportions! What a team of idiots and boobs.

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  1. For a man so popular in Europe, you would think he could get at least 20 votes. hahaha

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