Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Liberals Afraid of Sarah Palin

The liberals have again sunk to a new low. They have manufactured a book to look almost like the cover of Sarah Palin's new book and entitled it "Going Rouge" The cover of Sarah's book "Going Rogue" has a beautiful picture of Sarah on the cover as does the fake book only a different picture. Wow, are the dems/liberals so very desperate they had to do this. Just proves Sarah is such a threat to them they will even sink to deception! The are soooo very worried because they know Sarah is the real thing.
No matter what they do their lies will be exposed for what they are. The extreme liberal is ingrained with an evil ideology and these of ideals will never change even when exposed for what they are. It is the same with Islamic fundamentalists but at least the Islamic is willing to die for their cause not so for our American liberal.
Go Sarah...tell it like it is!

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