Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Let Me Get this Straight. If I Voice Dissent to Nazi Tactics, They Call Me a Nazi?

While the Lefties are having a good time over there in La, La Land, their Messiah with his halo is tearing this country apart.
They can laugh at Sarah Palin's remarks all they want to and spin it any way they want to, BUT!
The fact remains that if Obama's health care plan becomes reality, there WILL be a governmental authority of some sort that determines whose life is worth saving and whose is not.
So what Sarah Palin meant in her remarks are not far off from becoming reality.
Never have I seen America more divided - on racial lines,economic lines and now health-care lines.
I sense a deep hatred and rising rebellion cooking away in the American heartland. It will only take a benign spark to set it off.
The "silent majority" is going to be silent no longer. The question is...will the American people let themselves be intimidated by the brown-shirt, thuggish tactics of the Obamaites and their storm troopers in the various extremist organizations all under the protective umbrella of the suborned Congress or will they fight back? I'm betting that they will fight back.
And by the way,
Nancy Pelosi turns 70 next year. I wonder if she made her end of life' counseling appointment yet?

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